What is a True Dog?

It's your dog - the one that makes you laugh, dries your tears, welcomes you home, keeps you active, warms your toes and just makes life better.

More than 8 years ago, I started True Dog Photography as a celebration of pets and their people and as a way to honor my own True Dogs: Sugar Ray, Rebel, Diego, and Roman. All these years later, Roman is the last of the original True Dogs (and my constant companion) so I know how important it is to chronicle the joy our dogs give us. I welcome the opportunity to do the same for your True Dog!


On location, in the northwest neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., I am fortunate to celebrate big dogs, small dogs and all dogs through personalized portraits designed to capture the personality of your True Dog! Take a look around and when you are ready to schedule your session, let me know. 

Oh, that guy...sticking his tongue out...that's Roman. If you want to follow his adventures, check out his Insta @RomanInTheDistrict!


Here are some FAQs to help you prepare for your session.

Most of the sessions occur on location at one of the many beautiful spots we have in town, usually in the NW. In the event, you want a studio setting, we can likely accommodate that either by bringing the studio with us or scheduling time at a studio downtown. Additional fees may apply.


The session fee covers time and talent of the photographer, image preparation, gallery hosting, any assistant fees, and ensures a dedicated approach to photographing your beloved True Dog. Session fees are due upon booking and are as follows:

  • Basic - $150: Conducted from Georgetown to Tenleytown - a single location, session lasting 30-45 minutes and limited to 2 dogs/2 people.
  • Premium - $225: Conducted from Georgetown to Tenleytown - for up to 2 locations within 2 miles of each other, session lasting about 90 minutes and limited to 2 dogs/3 people.
  • Ultimate - $350: Conducted in metro DC - for up to 2 locations within 2 miles of each other, session lasting about 2 hours and limited to 3 dogs/3 people.
  • Mini Session - $75: Available in zip code 20016 only - for 1 dog/1 person/1 location, session lasting 15 minutes and resulting in 5 images posted to gallery.

Have a custom need? Send us an email and we can work out the details.

Approximately 7 days (or less) after your session, you will receive a link to your online gallery from which you can order photographic prints, calendars, digital downloads, greeting cards, cellphone cases and more. We encourage you to share the link with family and friends you think would enjoy seeing your photographs.


All gallery images are archived for one year from the date of your session. Once your gallery expires, images are moved off the site and subject to a $50 fee to repost them for another 7 days. If you wish, you may purchase the gallery of high-resolution images, just send me an email to request pricing.


Pets are perfect and so we don't do a lot of retouching, unless something goes wrong during the shoot (the lens gets licked[true story], stray leaves get stuck in the fur, etc. If people are in the session (always welcome), retouching is available for a fee of $125/hour and can correct things like blemishes, head swaps, hair in the eyes, etc.


We will shoot a good variety of images during your pet's session. Afterwards, each image is put through a very careful selection process and you will see only the images that meet those high standards. The selection process is the right of the photographer and part of the custom portrait process.


The client releases the photographer or anyone associated with True Dog from all liabilities, claims, and damages that may result from any accidents or incidents that happen during the session, except to the extent that the accident or incident is the direct result of the photographer's willful or careless conduct. WE DO NOT encourage off-leash dogs unless in a secured space and refuse the right to photograph any dog that we feel is in an unsafe or compromising situation with the forfeiture of the session fee.


True Dog Photography is all about capturing the essence of your dog, whether silly, regal, doofy, or mellow and our goal is to deliver you modern photography with timeless appeal. Thanks for stopping by!